SW Region - Energy Conservation

Additional homes and growing population in the SouthWest is pushing our electric grid to max capacity.

Newer homes using above average electricity per month OR households with 30+ amp electric vehicle chargers may qualify for cash incentives by adding energy saving home improvements or solar roof mounted panels.

State and Federal Funding

Elevated electricity demands in high developed areas need Solar to supplement additional power to the local grid. iQ Energy programs pay homeowner direct based on Solar production.

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Four Programs Available

Entire home UV powered system

Power outage/blackout protection

High energy solar rooftop (shingle,metal,tile,foam)

New solar powered appliance only

If your home is located in a growing and over populated area then don’t wait to claim your cash incentive. Upgrade your home to be powered by the sun for less than your current electric bill or add a solar powered mini split to heat and cool your garage or AZ room.



Solar real estate inspections, solar repair, new installation. Federal and state program experts.


Emergency services. Fix leaks, damaged shingles, and more. Trust our professionals for reliable, quality repairs and peace of mind.

Pool & Spa

Heat your pool for Zero energy cost with Solar water heating panels. Run your pool equipment all day for Zero energy cost with Solar powered pool equipment systems.


Professional HVAC services for residential and commercial properties. Installation, maintenance, and repair to keep your space comfortable year-round.