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Why is solar growth booming in large cities but slow growth in rural areas?

Rural areas have older electrical grid infrastructure and the installation process is not a “cookie cutter” process like it is in urban subdivisions. Rural communities also experience longer power outages and an overall weaker electrical grid. This is why rural community home owners in some areas are required to have multiple sources of heating because in the past, they couldn’t count solely on electricity. 

Certified contractors more available in metro areas

Newer homes are easier installation

Some rural areas electric grids are not “Solar Ready”

Rural Areas


iQ Energy is a leader in rural area solar because we have installed solar in rural communities for over 20 years. In the past you had to be rich to have solar on your farm or ranch property. There was no tax incentive and definitely no Zero down payment plan. iQ Energy partners with industry leaders to bring affordable solar to rural communities.

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What about batteries?

iQ Energy recognizes the challenges rural communities face and sustainable energy in some rural areas require a battery backup. In November 2023 the new Tesla Powerwall 3 was released and this new technology is not just a new battery. It is a complete game changer for rural homeowners. The Tesla Powerwall 3 allows the homeowner to harness the energy created during the day and store it for night use or when experiencing a power outage. Imagine having no worries about electricity. Peace of mind in a power outage and zero worries about the rising costs of electricity expected over the next 10 years.